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Have you Experienced an Act of Courtesy While Driving? First Insurance Wants to Hear About it! | Community Spirit

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Have you Experienced an Act of Courtesy While Driving? First Insurance Wants to Hear About it!
Have you Experienced an Act of Courtesy While Driving? First Insurance Wants to Hear About it!

“I was driving back from the North Shore and all of my rubbish fell out of my truck. There was a nice person who pulled up on the side of the road and helped me pick everything up.” – Kristy S.

That is just one of the many acts of kindness that Hawaii residents are sharing with First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH), which is continuing its efforts to bring more courtesy to Island roadways. The idea is simple. Have you been part of or witnessed courteous behavior on the road? If so, FICOH invites you to “Share Your Thanks” on its “Take the HI Road” Web page (www.ficoh.com/takethehiroad), set up to encourage people to share examples of courteous driving and behavior on our roads and freeways.

“Since launching our ‘Take the HI Road’ campaign to bring more courtesy to driving in Hawaii, we’ve heard lots of stories about acts of kindness on the roads,” said Allen Uyeda, First Insurance president and CEO. “We decided to encourage people to share stories like these by setting aside a place on our website where anyone can sign on and tell the community about courteous acts they’ve seen or experienced on the road.”

Anyone can go to the website and share a story of driving courtesy or just say thanks to one of the many anonymous drivers who brought a smile to their face. For a limited time, First Insurance is thanking Hawaii residents who share their stories with a $10 gas gift card and a “Take the HI Road” gift pack, which includes a static window “cling,” key chain, “stress-o-meter” and a stress-relief toy. This special offer lasts through October 31, 2012.

The stories told so far are tales of gratitude and, in come cases, amazement at finding courtesy on the roads. They are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant but they always involve positive and courteous acts.

Here are a few examples of stories shared so far:

“While waiting to merge onto the H-I from Nimitz, I witnessed a driver who appeared to be a tourist (convertible mustang with suitcases in back seat) in the wrong lane trying to get over. A local delivery truck waved them over so they would not miss the on-ramp. A random act of Aloha!”  – Kerry R.

“I was late going to work, and in a rush as always, when I noticed the car behind me flashing their lights. They came up next to me to let me know that my wallet was on top of my car!”  – Saskia N.

“I asked one driver next to me at a red light if I could go in front of him in his lane, he says go ahead, brah!” – Elma D.

“I hardly drive home at night so I sometimes forget to turn on my headlights. Recently an oncoming car flashed their lights and signaled me to turn on my lights. I appreciated that.” – Sarah C.

“Many thanks to the lady in the brown mini-van who slowed on Spencer Street when another car, mine, approached from the other direction. We need more people like you to take the ‘HI Road’ on that skinny street.” – Bernard K.

Before launching the “Take the HI Road” campaign, FICOH commissioned a survey by Qmark Research to find out the state of courtesy on Hawaii roads. The survey revealed 58 percent of the 800 drivers polled believe drivers are less courteous today than they were just five years ago. But the survey also revealed that showing courtesy while driving can be contagious.

“Of the Hawaii drivers polled, 89 percent believe that if they show someone courtesy while driving, that person is more likely to be courteous to someone else,” Uyeda said. “The thank you messages we’ve received support the idea that our behavior on the road has a ripple effect. As individuals, we can make a difference and help bring courtesy back to our roads.”

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