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DISCOUNTS for JUMP playing at Hawaii Theatre | Arts & Culture

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DISCOUNTS for JUMP playing at Hawaii Theatre
DISCOUNTS for JUMP playing at Hawaii Theatre

Last night’s premiere of JUMP at Hawaii Theatre was outstanding.  The company had the audience from the start with a hilarious pre-show sequence with Great-Grandpa tottering through the front of house and needing all kinds of help to get on stage.  Then their combination of tae-kwon do skill and comic delivery, put together with impeccable timing, led us all along in waves of hilarity and awe. 

The show is 90 minutes without breaks, and while it is breakneck with tumbling, swordfights, air kicks and wall flips, it also offers some beautiful moments of comedy.  The scene where the daughter tries to kiss her boyfriend but the whole family keeps walking through the room is classic.    Then Mom chases Dad in a romantic tae-kwon do flamenco, giving new meaning to dancing with a partner!  The robbers are both hilarious but the guy with an Asian afro brought the house down just by taking off his hat.  And then he proceeded to charm us throughout the fight sequences, which resemble cartoon chases more than anything, with slow motion, fast forward, and rewind scenes amazing in their concept and execution.

A really fun show!  The crowd went wild and gave the 15 person Korean company one of their best receptions in the world!  All of Honolulu should see this show – right now YOU should grab tickets and take advantage of an excellent $15 DISCOUNT OFF ALL SEATS – while stocks last.  Us the code word MAHALO at the box office in person, over the phone at 528-0506 or online at www.hawaiitheatre.com.  See you at Hawaii Theatre.

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